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Om-695-Agw-004 Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone Elixir Infused Into Ormus Live Oil

Watermelon Tourmaline

Indications: disharmony between the masculine and feminine aspects of the self; lack of balance between giving and receiving; difficulty expressing love for others, or receiving love from others.

Healing Qualities: balances the universal polarities of yin and yang; helps us establish equality between the magnetic and dynamic (giving and receiving) qualities of love; brings the green, physical, Earth frequency into harmony with the pink, spiritual angelic qualities of love.

Ormus Minerals:Healing Oils
Gemstone Ormus Watermelon Toumaline Gemstone Elixir Infused

Gemstone Healing Oil Infused

INGREDIENTS: Grape Seed Oil, Ormus Minerals from Ormus Rich Salts, & Watermelon Toumaline Gemstone Elixir






2 ounces


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OM-695-AGW -04
4 ounces


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OM-695-AGW -08
08 ounces


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OM-695-AGW -16
16 ounces


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