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Importance of Ormus Minerals  

Ormus minerals are substances attributed to the molecular structure of plants and rich volcanic soils formed in the oceans millions of years ago.  

The earth soils formed caused sea waters to have rich mineral sources as they got washed into the sea or oceans.  

The minerals are essential to humans and greatly assist in the transmission of nerve impulses and other body functions involving exchange of electrons. 

These minerals play essential roles in the human body to bring about alkaline balancing result of the body.  

They essentially serve to defend the body against undesired acidity associated with cardiovascular problems, cancer, and aging and digestion complications and also boost the immune system. 

These minerals are powerful sources of energy and are excellent for nutrition to foster good health.  

It is advisable that individuals with different health problems should try to consider inclusion of these minerals so that they may be able to naturally boost their health status with much ease.  

Well established diet in households is a great step toward inclusion of the Ormus minerals in the diet. 



Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas  

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